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Default Re: twisting chain tensioner

Originally Posted by matt167 View Post
Ok, think I'm gonna order 1.. at $40 per wheel rebuild at the local bike shop. that could get expensive if the tensioner eats anymore spokes..

I have an old Shimano 3spd hub ( bike is circa 1960's ).. I'll have to get the numbers off it.. I did find them but dealing with other things, didn't look close enough to get them..

how much do they actually cost? that ordering thing is sorta confusing.. I'd get it with a 50 tooth sprocket

Per the instructions on that page...If you need a custom adapter call me so that I can explain the procedure.

The hub adapter with a sprocket is $48.00 plus $11.00 shipping. The actual shipping cost is $4.95 priority flat rate. The balance is for materials to protect the product during shipping and Karen's time to make sure it happens. I don't want anyone to recieve cobbled-up parts.

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