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I just finished up re-sealing the carb and intake because the cheap crappy seals already started leaking. I have put, maybe 30 or 40 miles on it... I need to get some exhaust gasket next.
I also stuck a thin piece of cardboard on the inside of the clutch cover, and that greatly dampened the gear noise. I almost don't hear it at all anymore, just sound of the engine
WOOHOO, the forum accepts me as a legitimate person! Here is my ride.

Oh, one small question. I have gas at the end of my exhaust, but I'm running on the 2nd pin from the top (needle in carb), is it safe to go to the leanest setting? Or is there something else? ORRR, is it perfectly normal, and nothing to worry about. Running a bit to rich won't hurt anything but power and efficiency.

Anyway, it is a pretty fun little ride to drive around on a nice day. Much more efficient than my car, and much more fun. I plan on doing something in the (near?) future about gearing. Only having one gear is annoying. Either CVT, the kit to go through the bike's existing gears, or something else? I'll see.

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