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Default Re: from North Central AL.

They really are exciting, and oddly addicting! For lights, the 2 stroke kits have a white wire that will power a small light. Norman here makes lights for them and there are many ways to go for lighting. There is a ton of info around. So much so, it would be hard to post a link for you. Really is a good idea to read lots before you buy so you get what you will enjoy the most. They are all fun and make for a great hobby and transportation. I would also recommend not shopping by price alone but go with a dealer with a good and known track record. For a 2 stroke or rack mount I would suggest "thatsdax" He is working on an inframe 4 stroke as well. (..and I am waiting!) But there are some other great dealers too. is great and has the 4 stroke HS (Honda clone engine) There really is some great folks who sell, these 2 are just who I can personaly vouch for. Here is a link to dealer reviews;

Is funny that you mentioned the bug thing. Yesterday I eat my first bug. (Hard not to smile while ridding these things) Not 20 mins latter, bug up the nose! snork. You have a point about the face shield.
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