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Default Re: Schwinn Spoiler Tank and Tins

Originally Posted by GeneFiorot View Post
Jim are you listening LOL
For myself, and a few other local guys, I am creating the ultimate Spoiler. Gene, Craig, myself, and Karen will have very unique MB's.

They will be belt drive with a 3-speed internal hub behind the seat post as a transmission. They will have a Jockey shifter that operates the SRAM 3-speed hub. As a work in progress I have many more design ideas for tid-bits that will complete these bikes.

These bikes are the reason why the new engines came about. The engine will be a highly modified Billet China Girl that will get all of the replacement internals needed to ensure a good engine.

The front wheel has a provision for dual disc brakes...(Craig), Kawasaki has already set-up his this way, and it stops quick!!!

These Spoilers are going to be very unique when finished...I can't wait to see the reaction on Clearwater beach when Karen and I ride ours.

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