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Default Re: from North Central AL.

Yes on the Helmut and face shield. I can see now that I'll have to have a bag for stuff, including the helmut, that I can take inside with me when I reach a Destination.

I remember taking a big bug in my face just below the left eye while riding a Motorcycle. That smarts!
like ol' Goober says; "Ooohh thats gonna leave a mark!"
Also my cheeks are kinda round so goggles dont fit good. They let jets of air stream up into my eyes. With the Humidity and heat I think I'll need some air moving around inside the Face shield to keep the condensation from building up in front of my eyes.

Maybe a flashing Head light up front might help with the immature idiots that pull out in front of you.
Do any of those little motors come with a charging system to support lights?
Maybe we'd need some reflectors and marker lights for night riding or early in the AM while its still dark. How about a brake light? Do we bother with that? And turn Signals?
Lots of questions I know, but keep in mind that I've never seen one of these on the road. Just that one in the back of the Pickup.

Maybe the 200 Mpg is an un-atainable goal. Whatever I do get will be a plus. Even if its only 100 Mpg, thats costing me One Gallon a Week instead of a Gallon a Day.

It's kinda exciting just talking about this thing.
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