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Default twisting chain tensioner

I tried to put on the automatic chain tensioner from Livefastmotors on my bike.. my old GrantSport has too small of an upper bar to mount it, and due to frame design in the rear, the chain needs to have a tensioner to keep the chain out of the chain stay... so I pulled out the stock tensioner.. hooked it up. got it lifted off the chain stay ( note this puts the 2 sides of the chain within 2" of eachother due to frame design ).. gassed it up and pedaled and got just outside of my driveway when the chain ate the tensioner.. didn't pull it in the spokes or anything, but it bent the wheel on the pully, and pulled the chain on the outside of the sprocket between the chain stay and sprocket.. upon inspection, I noticed my chain stays go in twords the main frame at a decent angle, and thus the tensioner cought the chain and pulled it as it's crooked...

is it safe to heat the tensioner ( with wheel removed of course ) and twist it to correct the problem? I got the wheel from the spring tensioner, so I'm back in buisnuess if I figure out the tensioner
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