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Default Re: Building a 2004 Yeti DH-9 with 40cc Tanaka

UPDATE: What I wanted to build was a light weight yet solid motorized bicycle. So I started with a frame that I really liked (2004 Yeti DH-9) and tried to adapt parts to fit that frame. The bicycle was to be used for recreation (weekend trail rides) as well as commuting to work aprox 5 miles away. I wanted it light enough so that it could be easily lifted, carried, and "flicking" it when on on the fly ( getting it to move around obsticals when flying down a hill).
What I ended up with is a heavy (aprox 90 lbs) cumbersom unwelding, under powered thingy...not nearly as nimble as a bicycle, and way less power then a motorcycle.
Couple of things I learned.
1) weight is not your friend.
Keep all the parts as light and as strong as possible... The GEBE Tanaka 40cc weight is aprox 17 lbs without gas. This sat on the rear swingarm above the rear tire.
The custom rear rim and tire was aprox 10 lbs... The spokes were 9 gauge. overbuilt... The tire and inner tube were for a motocross dirt bike so was built for abuse, but was way too heavy...

2)GEBE knows their nich market...and have built a wonderfull kit...good for urban commuting...but, dont mess with it.
The engine has to sit about 14.5 inches above the rear axle, so that the belt will fit.
The rear tire should not be wider then 2.1 wide so that the tire does not rub the custom belt...

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