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Default Re: from North Central AL.

32 Mph, LOL, I dont drive much faster than that in my Pickup. I'd be fine with that, and also with the 200 Mpg.
Lets see now, I drive the trip to town every day, 16 miles/day, appx 112 miles/week at 14 Mpg is about $20/week for gas.
Counting what the Insurance and license of the pickup cost me, the Pickup consumes about $0.75/mile to drive over a years time.
So the pickup is costing me $84/week to gas @ $20 is right at $100/Week.

A motorized bike at $300~ and 200 Mpg, I'd be getting some of my money back in about five weeks.
And all that fresh air!
Oooops, laced with auto exhaust and chaff from the Hay fields around here during the cuttings

How about a Helmut and leathers with pads and the silk inner lining? Do you guys do that in City traffic?
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