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Default Re: Opening the door to motorized bicycles?

In my case if it wasn't a necessity I would never have started this. It isn't just the balance thing or even the stop driving or else ultimatum. Those things made bikes of some kind inevitable to keep any kind of independence. It was in large part the heart thing and not being able to pedal a bike uphill that moved me to motorized bikes.

In other words the stars and planets have to in alignment to create a motor biker. Not in the same alignment for everyone for each of us is a little unique.

I wonder if all of us have fond memories of a motorcycle in our younger days, or of a minibike or dirt bike. Maybe we just always wanted one who knows.

My bike gets a lot of looks but when I tell them I had to build it, the number of people whose eyes glaze over is amazing. Just turn right off they do. I expect it is one of those things that people would buy and ride a few times then it would collect dust. Of course with the ever increasing price of gasoline and automobiles that might change.

Of course I refused to put my fat butt on one of those tiny scooters. No class at all in those but they are a growing industry as well.
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