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Default Re: Couple of questions

i dont need to save on gas im getting 200mpg but even if youre getting less its still cheap to operate one of these bike engines. gas is $2.49 a gallon for me. i think thats like 1-2cents per mile for me. instead of saving money on gas its better to check to see if you have gas in your tank so you dont run out.since i dont gas up very much sometimes i forget to muffler still has origional paint,no peeling or nothing and it never smoked even when i was at 16:1. using a 26" bike with a 44t sprocket i am able to go up to 32mph which is plenty fast for me since i usually like to cruise around 20-25mph. i have gone 200miles and used 4 liters of gas and still have lots of oil in the first bottle i bought. i am now using 20:1.

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