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Default Re: new project aka "Molotov"

Originally Posted by johnnyb View Post
Negative, Marsrover. The molotov is short for "molotov cocktail". It's a simple homemade weapon that is usually used during hardcore riots. The most popular version is a glass bottle filled with gasoline or another flammable liquid. A rag is inserted halfway into the bottle and then the cap put back on. The rag is lit on fire and then the bottle is thrown. The result is a large fireball on impact.
That's correct. I originally called it molotov because I was going to paint it a dark red, black the rims and some of the chrome parts on the springer. I've decided to not paint it red, but I still like the name. I do have some good news. I will be able to motorize it afterall, and I hope to get my kit on monday. Longhorn bikes has been selling 4 stroke frame mount kits at cost. He said he wants to just get his money back on them. Good news for me. He said that the key on the drive shaft keeps falling off, and he just wants to liquidate his supply. That means I can get one for 150.00. These are 40cc engines which is fine by me. I figure a couple of tack welds on the the shaft should take care of that problem. As for the color of the bike, this mainly depends on the what my buddy has in supply. No red, no lime green. I was thinking of avocado green, or pearl white. In anycase, the the rims will be blacked out using a can of spray on bedliner. The canned stuff isn't as textured as the roll on or professional spray stuff.
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