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Default Re: from North Central AL.

Originally Posted by thudpucker View Post
I'm curious about these things. I saw one today in the back of a pickup. I looked up your site on Google just to see what's what.

Back in the 50's my buddy and I made an Indoor short track Cycle and I found a Whizzer gas tank for our bike. Best looking bike in the 100 Cc class. It had an 80 Cc MDS Italian motor in an old Columbia Bicycle frame. Racing against real Motorcycles.

Some of these Motorized bikes are great looking pieces of equipment. I hope some day to ride one.
There is a guy east of Cullman (Holly Pond) calling himself "Golden Eagle" who buys the Bike from a local Sporting goods dealers, and the engine kits and sells the finished product.
Thats what I saw in the pickup.

I think I'd like to have another big ol' fat tired Schwinn Knee Action like the Bike I had in the 40's. I just wonder how the folks on our roads would accept something like this, in their way?

What do you guys do when riding on the narrow hiways? Ride right out in the lane or stay off to the side close to the shoulder?
What happens on a long hill? Do they slow to a crawl? Does pedalling help on the hills? Or does the motor stay way ahead of the pedals?
Howdy Thud, welcome. On hills, I help the engine by peddling. On narrow roads, I stay to the right if I am not as fast as traffic. (my top speed is around 35 on 4 stroke and 28 on my 2) Big fat tires are a great plus! Most folks seeing you ride are great and give thumbs up, smiles and waves. Cops where I live are also great and ask the usual questions. Speed, MPG (133 on my 2 stroke, 175 MPG on the 4 estimated as it is still breaking in. might be better) etc.

Lots of members from out your way. Bet there is some one near you.

Anyway, great to meet ya
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