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Default Re: Motor Refuses to start

Originally Posted by toytime View Post
Geez Mopedamauter, it really bothers me to see you having such a hard time.
This thread is getting so long now that it is getting hard to follow.
So you got the nut off, now that "whatever u wanna call it" has to come off to see if the key is broken. I guess you could clean it well and see if the keyways are lined up. If they are, I guess you could say that the Key is OK.
Do you know what a key looks like? Let's start there..OK?
I can't tell you what this key looks like if the I can get that thing off..This is what I'm trying to take out but it will not come out..I circled it in red with paint. I'm still trying to guess what these key ways are and if they line up...

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