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Default Caveat emptor. Let The Buyer Beware.

I decided to purchase an engine for a bicycle.

Trying to talk to a real person and finding someone who knows the specs is is harder than the assembly of the bicycle IMHO.
I called five 'companies'..

They all fell within the below experience.

If you can get by the recordings then you get a guy who sounds like he's alseep answering the phone under a name for some 'import/export' company.

Ask for tech support, or to ask technical questions of these engines he has'nt a clue apart from what they call 'customer support' which is simply running your tracking number and taking your credit card info..

I even got one company who makes your doctor's appointments for you?..
Only on the internet.

I did have one guy call back (apparently he saw my unanswered call on his cell phone) and identified himself with a name of a company I did not call.

I later traced the name he gave to another website company on the net under a different name.

Apparently alot of these 'companies' have either more than one name or run under an umbrella of 'import/export' from a website.

The operator your speaking to may be selling everything from ladies underwear to bicycle engines from China.

Here's the bottom line.

Before you spend your hard earned cash on anything, first make sure you have a person to talk to who knows what he is selling.
And that there is some kind of a warranty.
A store front with a number and a real person.
If you keep getting recordings, or no answer, this should be a red flag that this guy may be operating form his aunt's barn.
Also check the reputation of the company with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to see if there any complaints.
Selling from the back of a station wagon or the guys garage and a lap top does'nt cut it.

Ask some questions when you do make a contact.
If the guy does'nt have a clue, then you won't either if your engine goes south and your out a couple of bills, your time and no one to answer your questions or satisfy any problems.

When I find a company that has a real person I can call during the workday, with a real store and a real warranty, I'll spend the cash.

Caveat emptor. Let The Buyer Beware.

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