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Default Re: How to pedal with NO added motor xmission loss/drag?

you cant peddal start a cent clutch engine,you have to pull start it.
So you eliminate the cent clutch..

you peddal start a man clutch engine.
Exactly. I just want to put the clutch between the engine xmission and the pedal crank... not between the engine and the engine xmission. Otherwise you're cranking the engine xmission with the pedals when you don't want to be. Perfection would be a clutch built into a sprocket right on the pedal crankset. Then you'd have no more drag than is induced by the pawls on a freewheel.

i have a dual start 2-stroke and it can be peddal or pull started and it has a cent and man clutch.
i can peddal the bike with clutch pulled in and theres very little drag at all.

So do I. Two of 'em in fact. They're 49cc Puch mopeds. Consider what is required to pedal start an engine that has both cent clutch as well as a motor starting clutch (it's not a 'manual clutch' since it's not really intended to engage the engine gradually from a stop in order to get the bike moving, but only to start the motor while rolling). You're spinning the chain and gear reductions all the way up the line right to the motor shaft itself (the only place with sufficient rpm to run a centrifugal clutch) while pedaling with the motor off! The Puch is a real SOB to pedal in this manner. It's better just to get off and push the damn thing. Your 2-stroke kit is less of an SOB to pedal, but still an SOB.

There was a response in one of the threads here in regard to someone's pedals that went something like "pedals? You're still pedaling?" ..followed by a few knowing smirks and guffaws from other contributors. I really do get the feeling that perhaps the majority of motorbicyclists are of the same mind. I really am not trying to hang a trimmer motor off of a cruiser bike and putter around beachfront drive just for kicks.

There are wonderful little motors available out there with great power to weight ratios, and there are top-notch lightweight, extremely solid, extremely efficient, mountain bikes out there. These offer the opportunity to, for the first time really, combine the best of both extreme fuel economy motoring, and real bicycling.

This is an opportunity to really "go anywhere". Distances that would be impractical on a bike for most people. Getting to work without having to take a shower after you arrive. Public trails, parks, boardwalks, and pretty much anywhere else that motors are prohibited are open to you. The motor is shut off and you have a fully capable and efficient mountainbike. I can't do that on my Puch. You can do that only to a very limited extent wth your 2-cycle kit.

Don't tell me you're going to do much trail pedaling or travel much real distance at all under pedal power with your setup. In fact, as it is, it's too loud and smokey, just like my Puch, to use among any large groups of people without attracting unwanted attention (not the kind of attention I want anyway when minding my own business riding).

It's really very frustrating that so few seem to be really expanding this horizon. Do you realize that most of the kits you've got ginned up are LESS sophisticated than the state of this art seventy five years ago?

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