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Default Re: How do I get Idle speed down other than idle adjust screw?

Dave is refering to the adjustments at each of the end cable. At the twist grip and the carb. Start with them screwed all the way in and adjust from there. There is a trick to setting the idle screw too. You'll have better luck if you open the throttle, twist it to the accelerate position then screw the idle screw inward. The idle screw has a tapered nub on the end that engages a slot in the throttle barrel. When you screw it in it keeps the throttle open slightly and screwed out it allows it to close more. If you've had the throttle slide out of the carb make sure you reinstalled it correctly. There is a long slot in one side and a short one on the other. Align the long slot with the protrusion in the carb so it slides up and down easily and the short slot to the idle screw side. Installed 90degrees out it can bind making for a firm throttle and unsatisfactory idle adjustment. Hope this helps.
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