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Default Motorized Bicycles and the Hands

I don't know about others but I have problems with my hands and vibration just kills me.

I am an "Old Guy" and know a trick or two for instance Bar Weights, I was going to build some handel bar weights to kill the hi freq vib but came up with a simple solution. A 3/4 by 3" bolt screws into the end of a standard bar just perfect leaving just the head showing! and its heavy enough to kill most of the vib's.

Back to the problem, I want to be able to ride longer than 20-30 min. without my hands going numb.

My solutions so far are the bar weights, foam grips, an upright riding position with tall bars and a well mounted motor. I am also going to build a Tab that can clamp on to the twist grip so I can use my palm instead of griping the bar.

Any suggestions or others with same prob????
BTW are the in frame mount 4 strokes better about vibration??


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