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Default Need Help Starting

Hey guys,

I am new to this and really interested in getting a motorized bike going. I have checked the zbox site and looked around on it a bit. From what I can see I need my own bicycle and need to buy a 66cc Super Z80 kit for $275 AU. I am living in Melbourne and wondering if I can pay via Paypal or there is a shop I can pick it up from in Melbourne.

Also guide me as to where I can get everything I need if I have indeed missed something.


PS: Where can I get something that will show how fast I am going?
PPS: I would like to stay legal, would it be legal to use a 48cc without a license? Also, what about a 70cc?
PPPS: Sorry about all these questions lol! What speed can I get up to on a 48cc and 70cc?

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