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Default what to do with shifter cable?

on my old GrantSport bike, which I'm putting a china 2 stroke ( 66cc ) engine on.. the shifter cable would always be in the way, BUT I thought the 3spd hub was gone because it would not shift and there was 1 sprocket on the hub, and I was going to remove the cable and parts all togther... while checking things out on it, I noticed the speeds do work, just the cable is seized.... being it all works, I'm going to keep that function.. it's an old Shimano setup.. I'v only worked on newer derailur bikes b4, never a hub shift bike.. the shift cable has a sheath until it gets 10 1/2 way on the front down tube going into the V, there is a mount there, and it then goes around a pulley in the V, back up and then screws into the shift lever on the axle bolt.. it would interfere with both mounts

could I run the cable under the backbone, relocate the pulley to the rear and then angle it down?
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