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Default Re: Petcock positioning ends sputter!

Guys, you're missing the point here. The amount of flow through the petcock should not be a factor when it comes to how much fuel is being burned or offered to the engine. That is a function of the float, needle valve and throttle needle. If the float is out of adjustment or if the needle is hanging open then you'll have excess fuel. If the throttle needle is lifting too high for your conditions that will also cause a rich burn. Using the petcock as a fuel metering device, or blaming it because it doesn't work like one is wrong. The problem Nashville is having sounds like either a float level or throttle needle adjustment. Too rich? Raise the 'C' clip on the needle. Fuel dripping from the carb? The float is too high and allowing too much fuel to enter the bowl and excess fuel to be drawn in during running.
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