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Red face Re: Petcock positioning ends sputter!

Yeah- the bike is running much better now- but this fix is tenuous-

The petcock I believe is just a shutoff valve from the tank- and is not really meant to be an intregal part of fuel delivery regulation-

So I'm still wondering if there is a better carb out there ?
These don't really have a float tank do they? Just that needle vaklve that raises up-

I'm thinking if there is too much gas when it really starts to suck, that maybe the needle position might be best at the LOWEST notch- but I haven't tried it yet.

If thge petcock lever is closed when perpendicular to the line, and open when parallel, mine seems to work best angled in between- yet it seems to vary a little bit, which is frustrating-

I had to load the bike in the car several weeks ago, and drained a half of tank through the petcock-

it took forever! So very little gas goes through it anyway-

I'm probably going to put in an inline filter- but wonder if that will just negate this petcock setting, and be a waste of time and money-

I'll be playing around, and post here if anything happens-

I put some BMX bars on today- and get a few inches of rise on the bars-
but most importantly- a more secure perpendicular grip on the bars-
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