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Default Re: How to pedal with NO added motor xmission loss/drag?

Can you give me a link to a jackshaft kit that has a clutch on/in the pedal sprocket? It would have to be a manual clutch.. pedal crank (or jackshaft for that matter) won't provide the rpm for a centrifugal. I have not seen a jackshaft like this.

If you're referring to the sickbikeparts jackshaft kit, they state specifically that you must use it with a "typical chinese 2 stroke bicycle engine kit". That means a motor with internal gear reduction and internal clutch. There is no clutch included in the sickbikeparts kit. It's in the chinese 2 stroke motor. In fact, since those 2 strokes must be using a centrifugal clutch, then the "clutch" must simply be a method of locking up the clutch long enough for the motor to start. If this is the case, then the rest of the gear reduction and chain to the bicycle's rear wheel is engaged when pedaling even with the motor off. This is exactly what I'm trying to work around.

I'm trying to do this with a 4 stroke, and would like to pedal start it rather than pull start it. I have not seen a solution to this yet.

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