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Default Hello from Denver

Hello All,

Thank you for your contributions to this fantastic resource for those of us who have been sucked into the world of tinkering with two-strokes!

My bike is a '70s Sears Free Spirit cruiser with a run-of-the-mill 50cc motor attached. I am currently sorting out the kinks and learning the ropes but everything runs well enough that I canceled my parking at work and use my bicycle for commuting. I love flying past the spandex clad fixies (I always say good morning/evening, of course) and have probably sold at least half a dozen of these kits in the four weeks I've been on the road. The other upside is I've only used a quarter tank on my truck since the beginning of the month where I normally fill up twice a month!

Currently have 250 miles on the bike and have only gone through two gallons. Not too shabby.

Anyways, I joined up to ask a specific question, which I will do so in the appropriate forum, but hopefully I can contribute from my experiences thus far in other areas.

Thanks again!
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