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GTA1--I'm not a race basher per se but living in BC it is very hard not to be. I have not lived in Ont. since 1979 and as you are around people in the Asian market place you get used to dealing with them. My last thread is above this one. I'll say it once more.

Look at the threads. Every one wants a cheap motor but they want Ford quality. It is not happening. The chinese are not stupid. You get what you pay for, mabey.You hope.

Why don't the big companies make a motor bike motor? It's real simple .You order 10,000 motors and someone from the big companies will be on your door step before you hang up the phone. They will have some one make them and apply thier quality control. I know this from my brother dealing with companies all over Asia. They do not make something there is no large, proven market for.

Poisoned milk,lead in the toys,It is all about maximum profits and the customer be gone.

Want quality,look to Europe.

Chris Hill is bringing them in, in Thunderbay but has two standards,as they come or he rebuilds them with quality parts.
Still cheap in my book.

Every body wants cheap. Being screwed isn't cheap. Never going to be.

Get on the computer and find the Chinese trade office and tell them what you want. The Chinese Embassy will help you get in touch. Stress quality.Buy one engine and tell them you are checking for build quality and tell them what your first order will be. Check Japan and Tiawan too.
Best of luck.
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