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Default How to pedal with NO added motor xmission loss/drag?

Want to be able to pedal start the engine.
Want to be able to pedal without turning the engine xmission/jackshafts/pulleys/belts/sprockets, etc.
Want to integrate the engine into the bike at the crankset in order to take advantage of the
rear derailleur.

Tossing this around in my head for days, the only way to accomplish all of these goals is with a
manually activated PTO clutch between the engine speed reduction (xmission) and the crankset.

The PERFECT solution would be a freewheel with integrated manual clutch, but I'm having a hard enough time simply finding a small clutch even without it being built around an overrun (freewheel) cog.

Anyone else faced this and found a solution? I really don't want to fall back on pull starting. Pedal starting would be so much better. If not for the starting dilemma, a centrifugal clutch at the motor and a double freewheel on the crank would be everything that I need.
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