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Default Re: Crank seals?

Thanks for the replies.
Finally pulled the small gear and the seal was trashed.When this engine was new it had a flaw.The hole for the large head screw that holds the small gear was not tapped deep enough for the screw to tighten against the gear.The gear would drift out enough to allow the key to slip out.
I fixed that problem and it ran great for many miles.I can only guess that when the key fell out it became stuck between the gear and the seal.Probably didn't help that I was revving the engine trying to figure out why clutch wasn't engaging,lol.Took awhile for the seal to finally fail.
Anyway it was easy to remove as it was pretty much in pieces.A spark plug socket was a good fit for pressing in the new one.(which I just happened to have,That's a first)
Couple things I learned.If your engine want to rev up it idle everyone will tell you your carb slide is sticking.It just might be a air leak.
If you check for an air leak with propane make sure you have means to quickly kill your engine.Mine was close to melt down,although the piston and cylinder checked out fine. Thanks again all,Ron
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