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Default Re: 3/4" o.d. tubing

Originally Posted by Finfan View Post
Well I have run afoul of another oddity in my current project. I have discovered that the seat tube on the frame I am using has an inside diameter of 0.79" which is smaller than any standard seat post currently available. At least that I can find. Does anybody have a source for some steel tubing with a 3/4" outside diameter that is strong enough to act as a seat post? I am sure there must be something out there but I am not having any luck finding it. Thanks!

Picture please...I would like to see the seat tube and clamp setup before I whip up a solution.

I have plenty of tubing here so it's no problem. If you decide to go it alone...use a minimum of 3/32" wall steel tube. Check your seat post I.D. down the tube a bit. The top may be splayed which would give you a false reading.

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