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Default Re: Clear coating over decals, possible solution and ?'s

In the past I've seen special decal coatings that were used to apply over a decal and seal it.
Then a clear coat could be applied over that within 24 hours so that it would all dry clear and
even. Decal makers, silk screen shops and Sign & Screen supply companies will likely have
something suitable.

Next to that find an old sign shop and talented lettering painter. There are still many around in
the trade. There are a couple industry trades magazines with "Signs of the Times" in Cincinnati, Ohio
being one of the oldest. You can find shops near you thru them.

If you want a "Gold Leaf" job get ready to shell out some REAL MONEY. But there are Faux Gold
substitutes for real gold that will serve as acceptable substitutes. Decals are probably the most cost
effective way to go and a decal sealer may be necessary so the paint doesn't interact with it.
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