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Default Hello from the Left Coast

I tried to register today, only to find that I did it over a year ago, (an act I can't remember),And yet this is my First post.

My love for motorbikes started after a trip to France two years ago. I saw them there and decided I needed one. Now I have four of them. I guess you could say I fell in.

Right now I have two Whizzers: one classic and one board track style (on a Roadmaster frame). Both of them have Quenton G's hot rod parts; One EZ Motorbike on a J.C. Higgins middle weight; And my first motorbike started with a Powerking '80' on a Murry Monterey.

I've spent most of my (forum) time on another site and after reading here for awhile, I must say I'm amazed at the level of literacy at this site.

I'm glad to be here.

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