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Default Re: Clear coating over decals, possible solution and ?'s

Just thought I would update this thread now that it is finished.

I went ahead and took the tank down to bare metal and primed it. Once primed I put the decals on using a hair dryer to help smooth wrinkling and masked over. I used an exacto knife and traced the edge of the decals before painting. I was hoping to use a couple layers of paint as well as the clear coat to achieve a smooth surface. Once painted I removed the masking tape and started the clear coat. The decals didn't turn out completely smooth so it wasn't a total success, but all in all I am happy with the end result.

used the flash on this one to try for reflectivity:

same side without flash:

Skull from ebay epoxied to gas cap:

Right side of tank:

These are 2 weeks after paint and I have intentionally and unintentionally got gas on the surface. So far so good, clear coat hasn't faded or dulled.
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