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Default Re: No startup after winter storage

Hi all,

I think I solved part of the issue. The first problem was lack of spark - after fiddling and shocking myself several times I got a nice consistent spark. The connection to the CDI and the plug itself were lose at both ends.

I filled the tank with fresh gas/oil and primed it, but still no start. The next step will be checking the needle seat, but I think I can guess what the problem is. Last summer my carb float filled with gas and did not work properly, so I improvised by tracing a patten and cutting one out of cork which has worked like a charm (I posted a photo in a post last July). However, I suspect that gas may have deteriorated the cork by now, so I will likely break down and order a new part from dax (unless anyone else has a better suggestion of where to buy parts).

Anyway, I'll have to order the new part and I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for everyone's help. Please let me know if there is anything else anyone can suggest.

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