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Default Re: Petcock positioning ends sputter!

I have a mark on my stock petcock, that indicates where off is.

I am pretty sure that Mark will put a mark on his indicate where he needs to set his petcock as open. I personally don't understand this, fluid dynamics. Somehow I have a feeling that the weight of the fuel would also be dependent fuel mix ratio too.

Right now I am trying to figure out how to get "Howard", my pool vac, to climb the wall without going too high and coming out of the water, or staying on the bottom and not vacuuming the sides. Which is dependent on how much crude is in the filter basket, skimmer basket, how dirty the filter cartridges are and where the valve is set between skimmer and vacuum function. The better this works, the less time I have to run the pump and the less time I have to spend brushing down the sides of the pool.
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