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Default Crank seals?

Well I guess I have a blown crank seal.Engine's been behaving strangely,reving up at idle and
running a little jerky at cruising speed.After ruling out most of the usual culprits I began looking for air leaks.While it was idling without clutch cover I directed an unlit
propane torch at the small gear.Wow! I just about blew my engine.It went straight to red line and the kill switch wouldn't stop it for some reason.Had to drop it off the kick stand to stall it.
Strange thing is,aside from a few quirks the engine runs strong and there is no visual evidence
of a leak at the seal,although I haven't removed the gear for a close look.I do have an extra set
of seals and if I can ask a stupid question,is it possible to replace the seal without taking the
case apart? Thanks,Ron
Sorry,I should have stated the engine is a Dax 70cc.

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