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Wink Petcock positioning ends sputter!

Today, just by accident, I got my bike running much better-

I've started to experience a common complaint I see on these boards- My bike was fading out again just as it got up to speed and started to hum-

(I was hoping to find a thread here)

I'm just coming off break-in, and the motor sort of always never got up to a constant run-

I figured it was some kind of carburetion, but I've been thinning the mixture (Not accurately I fear), and it was getting worse- The other day ran it without the air filter, and same thing-

but I noticed at speed that gas was coming out the air intake (besides annoying leaking elsewhere, often descibed here)

I should have realized- TOO MUCH gas, not too little.

But it seemed to be the opposite, because it ran fine under load and then faded when up to speed.

Also another clue- The slightest closing of choke lever IMMEDIATELY cut power- too much gas to air
(Lever was loose and closing on its own, but now tightened)

Still I didn't get it- I mixed in more oil- seemed to help a little- but not much

I took out petcock filter- more surge acceleration but same top end fade-

Growing frustrated I wanted to come on here and ask about alternate carbs- I still do, because i think the carb is still the weak link here

Anyone know where better ones are available? Cart carbs? Motorcycle? Lawn mower? Anything!

So anyway, I had the thing running back about as well at first, but nothing great,

and before bringing the bike inside I let it cool down- then I went outside and noticed that I hadn't shut the petcock!

So instead of bringing it in and dripping, I decided to close it and run any gas out of the line-

so I took off and clutched the engine- the thing ran great! It was still just SLIGHTLY open, and then got the right amount of gas!

Too open- same trouble
All closed- engine stopped-

It had never occurred to me to adjust the fuel line by CLOSING DOWN the petcock-

but it seemed to work great- I rode a couple of miles and it motored better than ever-



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