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Default Re: Prioritizing Major Issues

Gee that could take a long time to do.
Think about your build this way do it the best you can and do not be afraid to redo something that doesn't look or work quite right. Use the best tools and equipment you can buy or borrow. No don't steal them!
Take your time and pay attention to the details make everything work kill switch, brakes, and grease the bikes bearings if in doubt get new parts to up grade your ride.
do use a chain guard.
safety all nuts and bolts use lock washers, loctite on bolts and nuts silicone rtv will work on nuts and bolts to prevent them from coming off.
ride your bike like you drive your car watch out for the other guy ride it like no one can see you and will run over you.
be respectful of your neighbors and keep your bike quiet good working exhaust muffler.
obey the traffic laws do not speed or raise 4ell with your bike.
let the local police ride it some of these guys like them a lot of them don't they see some nasty injuries from accidents on bicycles and motorcycles. wear a helmet I guilty of not wearing one on the motorized bicycle but on the motorcycle I do so I get one black mark for that one.
there is just some quick ideas this list could go on and on
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