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Default Central Missouri builders?

Hi - I've got a 49cc "slant" engine off of e-bay. I'm planning my first bike. The frame I'm probably going to use is a men's Roadmaster Fury mountain bike, that apparently used to sell for around $65 at Walmart. The front tube is oversized, which seems to be a common problem. I am working on a mounting system to not only accomodate the bigger frame, but also mitigate some of the vibration. I'd like to eventually build out a 20" Krate (or knockoff), complete with banana seat, raked springer fork, and suspension sissy bar. We'll call that the long term plan.

The bigger problem I'm running into on the Fury is that the angles seem to be too tight to have room for the spark plug and carb. Since this bike was free, I'm thinking about just hacking up the frame and welding in a new section of the front tube, smaller in diameter, and canted out to give more room for the engine. But that doesn't do anything about the vibration, and - in the spirit of making things as difficult (cool) as possible - I'd like to come up with a mounting system that will work if I move the engine over to something like a Schwinn Landmark, Point Brake, or Cranbrook (the three models I'm looking at as Fury-alternatives.) Who knows, if I come up with something I really like on the Fury, I might just put the banana seat and springer forks on it.

Has anyone done much with 20" tires on a 26" frame? I really like the proportions of the stock Krates, and the spacing between the back tire and the seat is a big part of the look.
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