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Default Re: No startup after winter storage

you got to have a spark, and you have to have something to burn. If it was running fine when you shut it down, then my first guess is something in the fuel system is plugged.
Got gas in the tank?
Fuel tank petcock opening plugged? the part that is in the tank then the petcock its self?
Got fresh gas with proper oil mix?

Got a fresh fuel line and inline filter will fuel come out of the line where it connects to the carb?
Is the float needle free to open and close no poo in its seat? Will the float--- float?
is the main jet open blow compressed air through it with it in the carb and is the opening from the main jet to the emulsion tube where the needle slides in and out of open.
air filter open spiders didn't turn it into a hotel over the winter?
same thing for the carb mice or bugs didn't try to take over the bike make a home or try to eat parts of it. mice like wiring insulation for some reason kind of a mice candy liquorish.

When you have checked that and you have fuel dripping out of your sneakers from all the messing around with the carb, sent the spiders and mice a packing(poor little things now they are homeless) it should start with a good spark from the plug, fuel from the carb.
good luck
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