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Default Re: News Flash !!! Omgosh !!!

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
Very good Hugh! The logic being that this is a drive arrangement by where the gear ratios are altered manually while under pedal power as was intended by the manufacturer of the bike: which is, of course, perfectly acceptable. The power from the engine is then applied to the chosen gear ratio until the rider decides to pedal the bike into a more suitable gear and then resume normal engine operation. Problem solved!

Jim And Hugh

I'm not a lawyer but the way the law is written here is it has to be automatic, and does not require to be shifted. I thought about the argument about that it does not have to be shifted. You can stay in any gear you want. BUT I don't think that would fly as it has gears to manually shift and therefore is not an automatic. Now if you throw a NuVincie into the equation, You have no GEARS and that in fact should be PROBLEM SOLVED ! No legal argument.....POPS
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