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Default ignition system problems

I have a single bolt now holding my bottom mount. Last time I rode it the vibration, caused the
bottom bolt to fall out and the engine to twist completely out of the frame. When this happened it pulled the plug wire out of the cdi and disconnected the black and blue wires connecteing mag and cdi. I first reconnected the wires and shoved the plug wire back into the cdi. The bike puttered with no power or idle. Then I found a cdi in a box of junk parts(not sure on its condition, but it looks new) I wired the other cdi up and same problem. when the engine twisted it could have pulled the
other end of the wires attached to the mag loose,but i Haven`t opened the plate to check. Ive experienced these symptoms before when my blue wire was accidentally disconnected from the cdi.

So i was wondering if there`s any way to determine whether I should order the CDI or check the mag. based on symptoms. It does sound like it runs a little, but no power or idle.
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