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Got my kit! Installed the clutch lever, and throttle. I didn't want to drill a hole in my handle bars so I cut off that stupid locator pin in the throttle grip and widened it a little to accommodate some 220grit wet/dry sandpaper folded double then bolted it together over the handle. Works great! Snug as a bug. Pulled off the intake manifold and ported it as best I could to match the intake port. The gasket was a total loss so I'll be getting some gasket material tomorrow and I'll port match that. Did my best to widen the muffler inlet, but there's only so much you can do to steel without the right bits. Filed down all 44 teeth on the wheel sprocket. Had to file down the front engine mount a little too because it was just a weee bit too tall for my frame. Does anyone know of a sparkplug that isn't so tall? It would be a lot easier if there was one that was like even just 1/2 inch shorter. I'll be digging through my spare sparkplug wires tomorrow too and see what I can scare up. That's all for now, if anyone has any suggestions, good or bad, I'd love to hear em!
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