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Default News Flash !!! Omgosh !!!

President Obama announced today that Auto Companies, those that will still exist by 2016 must have an over all Corporate Car average of a whopping 30mpg.. By 2016. That's right !! A whopping 30 miles per gallon !! Right now.. I am running a Titan in Frame Forward mount using the SG "Scooter Guy " plate and Front Crank Free Wheel kit.. I average 145-185 miles per gallon with the Front Crank Free Wheel kit. That's right... 145-185 miles per gallon. Why the big spread? Well.. Since I can shift gears, I can pull a trailer.. And.. Pull I do.. I load as much as 100 pounds in that trailer. Pulling a trailer lowers my MPG to around 145 or so. Well.. When 2016 gets here. I will be ready for that new 30 mpg requirement !! We motorized bicycle "motor assisted bike" riders are still way ahead of our time it seems.. Enjoy the ride !!!
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