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Smile Need Ideas for a GIRLS motorised bike

Hi Guys

I'm the proud owner of a zbox 50 and have found it to be so much fun. Now the thing is my girlfriends had a go and she wants one of her own.

We have a couple of those old 70's girls step though pushies that she absoloutly loves , the ones with the 22inch wheels.

Now ideally,

I would like to install a kit on these but due to the geometry of the frames it looks like it will fit but the crank can no longer turn. (the pedals i mean)

Does anyone have any ideas, expoerience or suggestions to knock up a motorbicycle using an old girls frame or even a BMX bike, just something small and easy to handle.

Not sure if i posted in the right section ,
I did a search but couldnt find any info on odd installations.


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