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Question No startup after winter storage

Hi all,

I built my "80cc" Chinese kit bike last summer, and since September I've started it about once every 2 months to ensure the engine would still start. Last week I thought it was time to take it for a ride and I noticed it was running rough, and it had about 1/2 the power as it did before. I thought cleaning the carb would be a good idea.

After taking apart the carb and spraying it with carb cleaner I put everything back together and tried again. Unfortunately it will not start - I get compression but no start. Does anyone have any ideas?

I thought it also could be any of the following:
1) old gas (it's from December, but I used preservaton fluid in the gas can)
2) electrics - I'm thinking of checking the spark plug/CDI and also maybe its a bad kill switch

Otherwise I'm not certain. Is there a post regarding springtime tune ups on the forum?

Thanks for any help,
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