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Default Re: BrettMavrik's Production Bobber Frame For Builders Has Begun...

There is an additional 10-15 degrees of Rake built into the stock Stingray fork.

The one I used for the mock up had zero degrees built in for a good reason...
This allows one to dial-in the handling characteristics and look of the bike by choosing the additional rake in the fork. with a "zero degree" fork, the handling is completely nuetral; meaning there is no "pull" feeling when you steer. I've ridden the bike with the zero fork and it handles like a dream.

Personally, I am more for "GO" than "SHOW".... Performance Will Always Take Precedence...
Once again, this is a "BOBBER" by Design. If you still don't think it's enough rake on this bobber, then go buy a super raked out chopper on ebay or elsewhere. Just make sure to slow down around the corners, watch out for sand and puddles, and by all means, wear a full helmet and leathers. I'd rather not promote potential death traps just for looks.

I'm going to go back down to the shop tomorrow, and if I have time, I'll put on the stock Stingray fork and take a photo for you to see the difference.

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All of which seem to have a bit more "rake" than is built into your prototype. A great idea....but the geometry need to be looked at again.IMHO of course.
My Production Bobber Build Up
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