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Default Re: 4-stroke Honda or Harbor Freight in FELT 1903-Questions; Anyone done it?

"Found" it on Craigslist....bought it for $200......wondered if I had paid too much....however,....after about 4 hours of work drilling out the Coaster brake bolt, removing the wheels, patching the tire, removing the fenders and wheel reflectors,....Flipping the handle bars over....and a bit of cleaning and polishing....(used half a can of comet cleanser trying to bring the Quick Brick Cremes back closer to the correct look.......the bike is starting to look like the basis of something interesting.

Anyone know if the Honda GHX50 engine will fit in the 1903 frame with a mounting plate like the one Bicycle sells?

I would really like to do a simple belt drive primary and secondary....anything out there that might work??.....(I've sent Quenton 2 emails but never heard back)


The Felt is a single speed with coaster brake hub.....I would like to stay with the Felts 2" wide black rim with their 12 gauge black stainless spokes............I suppose I can lace in a multi cog hub and use the Sick Bike Parts Jackshaft/free wheel set up.
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