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Default Re: An install Kit for the Schwinn Jaguar

The stock exhaust is very limiting on the HT in more ways than one. I am unsure how they expect the thing to fit the way it is made.
Solution 1 - A cheap Soldering Torch for Plumbing from Home Depot or Lowes.
They usually have a 11" long yellow tank with a torch head that screws on top
Heat up the bend in the exhaust to red hot and start tweakin'.

Solution 2 - Get an expansion chamber exhaust.
chances are, you will have to heat and bend that as well, which leads you back
To Solution 1. =-]'


Originally Posted by MB-Monkey View Post
MB Wars Episode IV A new Spoke

Its a dark time in the motorized bicycle republic the whizzers are flying by every where and the dark lords of the 4 stroke are in control of the galaxy....until thru training and patience a new 2 stroke hope is gaining strength. The manic Mechanic Jaguar kit is taking shape and preparing for the end of the dark times and the rebirth of the easy 2 stroke install.......

Mounted the carb on the motor first i check to see that the carb would clear the replacement
clutch cable guide i did not so i turned it down a few turns until the carb cleared. Next i slid the carb all the way on the kit intake and tightened it down no chance of an air leak there either.

Now it was time to mount the motor. The motor mount is very straight forward. take the Supplied hardware and isolators and line the engine so that that carb is level and insert the
front spacers then the bolts. tighten the bolts hand tight then insert the rear spacers
and bolts. Each bolt has a supplied flat washer and lock washer. The mount is slotted to
allow a level engine for all types. Once all four bolts are hand tight make sure the motor
is where you want it and fasten down all four bolts. Very easy install a second pair of hands is nice but it can be done alone.

I've added the clutch handle which in my kit was a real nice alloy deal, thanks dax, the
throttle grip and the muffler with the copper gasket. I am having an issue with a clearance
problem on the frame and the muffler i have had this issue in the past and i am sure that it
is just a matter of adjustment but it has put a slight hold on my build. I also need to drill a 3/16 hole in the handle bars for the throttle housing so I will end it here.

stay tuned for more....
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