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Default Re: BrettMavrik's Production Bobber Frame For Builders Has Begun...

Originally Posted by Spunout View Post
i think it looks great. are you going to make some motor-ready? meaning, will you add some tubing or something, so a guy can just throw a motor on without having to fabricate his own mounts?
Brett's making these at the shop. We've been talking about making an installation kit to go with the frames that would be simular to the kit I am making for the Jaguar.

The idea here is to build a frame and a few other components so that a nice lightweight motorcycle with pedals can be built.

Brett is a good welder/fabricator...I am not. The combined manufacturing talents could be used to produce an ergonomically correct bike...especially for taller riders.

For me a huge benefit to this comes from the fact that the bike will be made of U.S. steel, and manufactured according to U.S. techniques. In other words you will not end up with a frame and parts that are of suspect quality. At 30mph this can be a good thing!

The OCC's are a bit small, the Spoilers are hard to find...

Any interest in this guys? I realize it would be a lot easier to comment on a finished bike, but we are hoping to get a yay/nay early on.