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Default Re: tire tread??

lock tight the set screw if you don't have any lock tight use the ol lady's fingernail polish the color is up to you or what ever color you can steal form her.
Yes turn in the so called flower nut one complete turn clockwise with the clutch lever pulled in on the handlebars it will turn with your fingers. you can test it with the cover off and the set screw out but be very careful as the spinning's gears like to eat pant legs for an appetizer and flesh for the main course. better to put the cover on with a couple of the screws as we don't want you typing with only one finger or toe. After testing and your happy with it put the set screw back in and Pull in the clutch lever and lock it so you can again get the flower nut to turn with your fingers to aline up that tiny set screw. then dab on the fingernail I mean locktight on the set screw. button it up and enjoy.
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