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Default Re: spark plug wire end for a bicycle motor

I haven't played with those little 4-strokes but a briggs plug wire has a peg in the center sort of like the screw. On those I use 5-min epoxy to hold them in place. I put the epoxy on the wires side and not the end. First I fit the wire to the coil to make sure the peg goes inside the wire's center. you can put the wire on the coil take the wire off and see if the peg leaves a hole in the wires center where the copper wire core is. Mix up the glue and stick it together.
I suspect the wire is epoxied in like on a briggs but i may be wrong. If you have one try twisting it off if its glued on you will have to cut it as close to the coil as you can and use a soldering iron to melt the epoxy out so you can put in a new wire.

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