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Default Re: tire tread??

The smoother the tire the better it will ride on pavement, keep the tire inflated to the max that is says to on the sidewall. Grease the wheel bearing with your favorite grease I mix in royal purple 90w gear oil and the bearing love the stuff, my wheels will coast for ever. I'll bet Pablo has some good stuff as well from Amsoil the syn. stuff can't be beat. My 2-cents. for a softer ride a front suspension fork and a good spring seat will do wonders for you. I like a big seat too to fit my big butt.
I'm telling Rufus on you for saying my directions are too hard to follow. The flying monkeys are stirring in their nest ready to do Rufus's bidding and your in trouble.
Let me know if I can help you on what you don't understand on my directions or mp me and I'll call you to help if pm me your phone number.
Maybe Bob and I can do a video.

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